Used 6 x 5700 XT Mining Rig – View

Thank you for inquiring about our GPU miners!  Below is a little bit of information about the build process.  Please use the form below to get an accurate quote and set up the payment.

  • Once the payment is received the process of building your mining rig will begin.
  • Payments can be made via wire transfer, PayPal (Additional Fee may Apply) or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Ethereum).
  • The process usually takes about 2 weeks but could vary depending on shipping restrictions. You will be updated throughout the entire process if you choose to be.
  • Once the mining rig is assembled we will do a 24 Hour benchmark test to make sure everything is running smoothly.
  • When the benchmark testing is complete we will package up your miner and ship it out. A tracking number will be provided at this time.
  • A simple instruction guide will be provided with the miner and you can always reach out to us for support.

March 2022 Prices:

0 GPUs : $1,549 USD + Shipping
1 GPUs (RX 580 8G) 30 MH/s +/- : $2,249 USD + Shipping
2 GPUs (RX 580 8G) 60 MH/s +/- : $2,909 USD + Shipping
4 GPUs (RX 580 8G) 120 MH/s +/- : $4,189 USD + Shipping
6 GPUs (RX 580 8G) 180 MH/s +/- : $5,389 USD + Shipping

Add Windows and SSD +$100 USD