We have just updated the stats section of our 1M Hash Payout option for our Monero Browser Miner.  The newly updated stats section has real time data to display the Total Accepted Hashes and Unpaid Monero (XMR).

Once you start mining you can view live stats right from the page.  It may take a few minutes for your stats to update once you have started mining depending on the Pool hash processing rate.

Newly designed stats area for 1M Hash Payout option for the Monero Browser Miner

Along with the new update we also fixed a bug that dealt with the stats not showing properly for new users.  This bug has been fixed and no hashes were lost in the process.

You may need to mine using the 1M Hash Payout option for a few minutes to re sync your stats with your account.

Once your account syncs you will be able to view your total accepted hashes mined along with your unpaid Monero balance.