Hello fellow miners,

We have just launched the 1M Hash Payout for Electroneum (ETN).  The new miner is just like the 1M Hash Payout for Monero (XMR) including all the tools such as Worker ID, Threads and Throttle.  The 1M Hash payout is based on (Block Reward / Block Difficulty) * .20. The .20 is the % fee. Depending on how much effort it takes the pool to find a block depends on what we profit so sometimes that 20% is only 5% or even -5% if it takes more than 100% effort to find a block.  Currently payout per 1M Hashes is 0.22500186 at the time of this writing.

As well as the launch of the 1M Hash Payout ETN miner we have also added it to the Pool+ Browser miner to where the pool pays out directly to your wallet address that you set under settings.  We suggest this option if you are running multiple devices or your getting a hash rate above 40 H/s.

As always please let us know what you think and if you have any questions or concerns.