As the name depicts, it is the hardest game in the crypto sphere. According to statistics on, 522 players tried to beat the game, 2551 lives were lost and no one beat the game. Interestingly, most players died at Level 2 with 911 deaths. It is also important to note that it is the first video game in the world that accepts Electroneum Cryptocurrency.
How does the hardest game work?

This game is basically an avenue for crypto enthusiasts to play for fun and earn coins while they are at it. Additionally, players can start, finish and win the game without spending anything. Unlike most crypto-based games, this is not a gambling game! however, there is a chance for users to win up to 7 percent of the overall earnings from the developer. To get this, users are mandated to buy at least 1 thing or get a coupon. The game is designed to demonstrate how the digital currency- Electroneum can be implemented in a web application/game. Also, it helps users discover the ease of buying something and getting them quickly, invariably enhancing user experience.
With the game, developers can realize that it is trouble-free to execute the Electroneum Instant Payment employing popular programming languages including Javascript, and PHP. As a result, Electroneum users have an opportunity to assess the Electroneum Instant Payment in a real-life situation.

The overall goal is to attempt to create a viral game and to make the hardest game ever made. Looking forward, the future of Electroneum appears to be very promising. In the event that there is a global acceptance of Electroneum by developers, more people are going to get to use Electroneum.

Typically, for users to buy something in-game, then they have to download the Electroneum app and start using Electroneum. The good news, however, is that gamers do not have to go through so much stress to get the Electroneum coins before they can take on the challenge, as it can be easily mined on Pool+ Browser Miner.

MoneroMiner.Rocks was conceived and constructed to enable users to easily start mining the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR), Electroneum (ETN) and Aeon (AEON).

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Electroneum (ETN) is the world’s fastest and first KYC/AML compliant cryptocurrency. Electroneum (ETN) also functions as a store of value that can be used to purchase everyday items, from bread and milk to mobile phone top ups. When used in conjunction with the Electroneum mobile application, users can transfer ETN to anyone in an instant, either in person or remotely.

Interestingly, ETN acceptance is growing rapidly day by day.