The success of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is no news again. Day by day, it’s becoming the norm to hear the good works which the duo are making possible. Perhaps the most fascinating part of their success is the fact that they have successfully cut through every sector that turned to them.  When the internet came, it was thought that there could be no other innovation that could deep it claws through technology and humanity as it did. Then in January 2009, bitcoin showed up and started to pinch our world. The continuous pinch over time has created a deep hole today, one that is so big every other companies, institutions, sectors of the economy and governments of countries are running into to have a sip of life. To quench their thirst of unproductivity and inefficiency. Indeed, the advent of bitcoin brought to life with itself a lot of other Cryptocurrencies to rule the kingdom with. 

The Turtle Coin (TRTL) being one of them.

The founders of TurtleCoin, RockSteady and Bebop were having a discussion in a dizzy mood one cold December night. Bebop argued on the fate of the new cryptocurrency waves which recently seems to be just the creation of any token and throwing a very good launch party for it without having any real value backing it or any problems it actually aims to solve. RockSteady moved in closely, stroked his beard with the “I have an idea kind of look”, and replied with the sentence …”Hold my beer.” TurtleCoin came to being that night, December 9, 2017. 

Their understanding that lots of projects are raising so much fund without actually having any real product or creating any value spurred them into action. They took a reverse approach of creating a token by founding it on a no-funding strategy. They wanted the acceptance of TRTL to speak for itself and not just based on the conventional ICO dinner events where an investor draws her cheque hoping some rising will happen by magic in the value of the coin. 

Now, with over 29000 TRTL average block reward, one block being created in at least every 30 seconds, and close to 50 developers, TRTL boasts of a total of 50 Billion coins in circulatory supply and a maximum supply cap at 1 Trillion coins. Market capitalization is currently on a daily swelling $4,309,116. Turtle Coins privacy features is the same high-end type Monero and Aeon uses. Every transaction is made private by default supporting almost every OS – iOS, Windows, Linux, etc. 


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