The Monero Pool+ Browser Miner was designed to allow the user to get paid directly from the pool that they are mining on.  Once you create an account and sign up for our Supporting Membership all you have to do is add your Monero wallet address in the Settings section.  Once your wallet is added your ready to start mining on a pool.  As of right now we have three pools to choose from which have there own min payout requirements.  These requirements can be found in the section below the miner.

The Pool+ miner still has the same options as the 1M Payout miner like Worker ID, Thread and Throttle.  We have also added the pool stats as well as an active worker section so you can monitor your workers.  The miner is also more stable than our other legacy 1M Hash Payout miner since it connects you directly to the pool.

There has been some reports of the miner not working with certain antivirus programs.  We suggest trying out the demo version before considering to become a Supporting member.

If there are any changes you would like to see or you favorite pool isn’t listed please let us know.

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