Announcements for the month of October.

Miner Updated

The miner has been updated to support Monero’s recent hard fork.  If you are currently mining you may need to refresh the page for the new changes to take effect.  You can read more about there forks by clicking here.

Percentage-Based Miner

Back by popular demand is our percentage based Browser Miner.  At the time of the writing, the miner takes a 28% fee to cover server and overhead costs.  This number may go up or down depending on how much the servers cost.  The miner works just like the Pool+ Browser miner where your earnings get sent directly from the pool to your wallet.

Lower Subscriptions Costs

We have recently lowered the subscription costs.  If you are currently on our old subscription plan you will need to cancel your current plan and select a new one to take advantage of the new prices.  Click here to view all subscription plans and prices.

Dropping Dero Coin

During the next week, we will be phasing out the Dero coin.