Hello Everyone,

Unfortunately it has been a ruff week so for us over here at MoneroMiner.Rocks. We have ran into a few bugs while switching over to our new 1M Hash Payout option framework along with a little bit of issues with our miner proxy server. Some of you have been affected by all this and some have not. For those that have been affected we are going to do everything we can to make it right for our users. As we are a new start up with limited capital and resources so it can be hard getting a product to a final working stage especially one of this nature.  As with growing also comes growing pains which we have been experiencing.

Below is a summary of what has happened, how it happened and what we have done about it.

Due to a high spike in traffic volume and at the time the current database schema the miner was experiencing problems syncing with the earnings.  This issue was happening at the beginning of last week but has now been resolved.

Our proxy server that the miner utilizes crashed a few times during last week.  We have provisioned a new proxy server and has been up and running for a few days now.  We have also implemented a new monitoring system that allows us to easily monitor the server.  We will be keeping the old mining proxy server online till the 2nd of January to give everyone a chance to switch over to the new one.  To switch over to the new one all you have to do is refresh the miner page if you are using the 1M Payout Option.

We have also implemented a new fail safe within the 1M Hash Payout option for the Browser Miner.  If at anytime the miner fails to perform a function the miner will stop and give you a reference code.  If there is no notification alert at the top of the website it is recommended that you contact us with the reference code.  If the miner page was loaded before 12-23-2017 you will need to refresh the miner page for this to take effect.

Because of all this we would like to wavier your first transaction fee for miners that mined from 12-18-2017 to 12-23-2017.  If you have already requested a payout and received a transaction ID then your second payout transaction fee will be wavered.

As always thank you for being a valued MoneroMiner.Rocks user and working with us through these growing pains.  If you experience any problems with the miner please do not hesitate to contact us.